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Available Lining:

PE ,   BioPBS ,   ISLA

ButterflyCup Benefits

Eliminates plastic lids and straws

Prevents splashes leaks or drips

Unique design

Reduces the number of stock items.

Reduces storage space

Reduces counter space

Speeds up the serving process

Costs less than regular cup and lid alternative

Available in 100% plastic free paper board

Patents granted

ButterflyCup has worldwide patents granted for it’s revolutionary new hot and cold drinks cups.
ButterflyCup is licensed to selected manufacturers globally.

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Cost Effective - cost less than a cup and lid

Industrially recyclable with other PE paper products



Bio-Based lining made from GMO free corn starch


Certified industrially compostable & recyclable




100% Plastic and laminate Free

Recyclable with ordinary paper and cardboard

Does not require specialist recycling or segregation

Biodegradable at the same rate as raw paper

Sustainable Sourcing


Reduces waste disposal

Which Lining is best for you?